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Snowy River Cocktail Salt Flakes Reds (1x6oz Gift Bottle)

Create Stunning Margaritas! Snowy River cocktail salt flakes have been crafted and designed by bartenders and mixologists with a view to turning any cocktail into a true masterpiece. Their elegant look, cocktail paired taste and ease of application make Snowy River cocktail salt flakes a "must have" for home and professional bartenders alike. Here at Snowy River we love our flake salts and what our customers can do with them. We use the finest salts and natural ingredients to ensure the brightest colors, a great salty-sweet taste, and a crystal size which provides stunning texture to the rim of any glass. Dress up your favorite margaritas - tequila based cocktails or shots - or any of your favorite cocktails. Use at home or create something elegant and eye-catching for your restaurant or bar. Vegan - Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Kosher Certified - GMO Free - US Made. Color your cocktail salt world with Snowy River!
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