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Intro to Ice Dyeing


If you love vibrant colors, you'll love ice dyeing. This method for dyeing combines elements of tie-dye, shibori, and clever techniques for manipulating how and where color spreads. We'll talk about dye splits and color combinations, rack versus muck dyeing, dry or wet dyeing, rinsing, laundering and care. And we'll explore some common patterns such as spirals, geodes, and stripes along with the beauty and surprise of random sprinkling. Your class fee will include 3 tea towels and you may bring 2 cotton items of your own such as shirts, pillow cases, etc. (please limit to max 36"). We also have a variety of cotton canvas tote bags, zippered pillow covers, placemats, table runners, extra tea towels and more for additional cost.

Ice dyeing requires time for the ice to melt and timing can depend on the day's temperature and how vibrant you want your colors. For this class, you will need to return after 5+ hours on the same day or the next day. Return times: 7pm to 10pm (day of class), or 11am - 2pm (day after class).We recommend planning this so that you go to lunch, shopping, a hike, a festival, etc. then return to unbind, and rinse your items. Or come back the next day if you live close by. If returning is too inconvenient, we can rinse and ship your items to you for an additional fee of $2-$4 per item plus the shipping cost. This will be negotiated during class depending on the weight and bulk of your items.

This class is for ages 12 to adult, but minors must attend with an adult.

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