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Creative Garden Teachable Moment - Theme: Plant Positivity

Confidently teach life-skills with your child through paper-craft. Your time together ends with a visual reminder of the lesson learned. An easy conversation guide is intertwined within the provided illustrated and written assembly instructions. With this kit, teach about self-talk and share how to weed out and plant thoughts. Supported by this kit you’re the crafty hero of this teachable moment! Does your kiddo struggle with positive self talk?

We have tens of thousands of thoughts per day, possibly even up to 80,000! Some of our thoughts are positive and helpful while others are harmful and negative. This kit will not only help us see the quantity and quality of our thoughts but also how to cultivate them into something beneficial. • 22 pre-cut pieces • Printed instructions and conversation guide included • Stands 7.5 inches tall • Creation Time 1-1.5 hours • Suitable for 8+ • Glue needed, not included
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