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Soy Candle Kit


Soy candles burn cleaner and last longer. This kit will get you started with making soy candles and includes enough supplies to make 3 - 4 oz candles. This kit teaches melting wax in the microwave which is safer for younger makers (with supervision of course). Kit includes 16oz soy wax chips, measuring cup, thermometer, candle wicks, 1 4oz clear jar with lid, 2 4 oz candle tins, 6 color dye chips, stir sticks, wick bars, wick stickers and 2 containers candle scent.

Candle scents vary with the season. Currently Shipping: Vanilla and Lavender

** We do not recommend shipping this item to hot climates/places experience a heat wave. Wax and color chips will melt, and candle scents may leak due to higher temps. **