Shibori Tie Dye Kit

Explore the art of Japanese style tie dye with this fun kit. This project focuses on experimentation with different designs and colors rather than on a finished piece of clothing or accessory (though you could certainly make something from your fabric squares). Shibori kit includes:

  • 6 large cotton handkerchiefs so you can try different methods
  • navy blue and yellow dye for natural fabrics
  • 2 8oz squeeze bottles
  • rubber bands
  • latex gloves
  • a garbage bag for covering your work surface
  • twine and bamboo stick
  • small cup for dipping fabric or mixing colors
  • table salt for adding to dye (it helps with absorption)
  • Step by step instructions with full color photos
  • A short learning module on the history of Shibori and indigo dye

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