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450g The Revolutionary Easy - Sketchbook

The Easy Sketch includes: 1 x A5 Wiro Sketchbook - 64 Pages, Smooth Texture (Lessebo Design Paper) 1 x Special Sketching mirror with aluminum milled stand 64 Pages (32 Leaves) - Cream in Color and Smooth in Texture Now anyone can become an artist in 3 simple steps using The Easy-Sketch. All you need to do is: • Set up the Easy-Sketching mirror in 3 seconds • Pick any image on your phone • Start sketching though the sketching mirror Lessebo Design Paper, 240 GSM (120 Lbs), Acid Free, Hot Pressed, A5 Landscape (5.8x8.3in, 14.8x21cm), 64 Pages (32 Leaves).