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Fan Book: Pom Pom Basics & Patterns

A handy pom pom guide reference for your Loome. Our screw post fan book is designed to supplement your pom-pom making with answers and references to the most asked questions that help you make the ultimate pom pom. This is also a perfect companion to Loome Party. WHAT'S IN THE FAN BOOK SECTION 1. BASICS 1) Tools & Supplies 2) How to Make a Pom Pom 3) Size, 4) Yarns & Looks 5) Attaching the Pom Poms 6) Sculpting 7) Shapes SECTION 2. 10 PATTERNS 1) Half & Half 2) Stripes 3) Color Blocked 4) Sprinkles/Dots 5) Galaxy 6) Bullseye 7) Nazar/Evil Eye 8) Flower 9) Pineapple 10) Watermelon -------------- USE: Making Pom Poms HOW TO: All videos IDEAS: Instagram & Pinterest -------------- Size: 5.5" H x 4" W or 14 cm x 10 cm Number of Pages: 16 Made in China